Maintaining Relationships

How we maintain collaboration with clients to determine a level of control and responsibility, as well as provide a base for further relationship development:

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources are usually charged a one time fee and we provide dedicated resources for long term projects. These resources work full time as clients, employees and are charged a fixed amount in spite of the number of hours they work.

Flexible Resources

For flexible resources, billing is done only for the amount of man hours put in a single day for the work they do, either on the client’s intranet or our local intranet. Also, the resources can be added or removed during the testing activities as per the project requirements.

Data Security

Data security has become an increasing concern these days and this can be tackled by working within the client’s network via VPN/static IPs. The following is a case study for one of our clients from London – U.K.


  • The SWQA team suggested the client to use Microsoft Virtual PC 2004.
  • The client created multiple PCs on this single machine.
  • Each PC had different OS and browsers to test compatibility issues.
  • The SWQA team remotely accessed these PCs via static IPs and VPN connection using RDC.
  • The SWQA team could only access the Test env, the bug reporting tool and the internal emails within the client’s network.
  • Internet access was restricted to the QA team on Virtual machines.
  • The SWQA team created all the test artifacts within the client's network.
  • The SWQA team remotely accessed these Virtual PCs via VPN and tested the application and reported bugs.