E-commerce Web Development for a Swiss Company


(6+ Months)

About the client

A leading Swiss company
wanted to build their E-Commerce site on the CMS platform which is flexible
enough for them to handle and modify the web content autonomously.
The functionalities included…

  • Multilingual support for 3 languages
  • Store locator
  • Payment gateway integration viz. PayPal, BitPay(Bitcoin)
  • Inventory management
  • Vimeo video integration
  • Social media integration

Technologies Used

  • WordPress CMS
  • php
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Hosted on Hostpoint

About the engagement

The client wanted to build the complete E-commerce site in
the given time and capture the feel and essence of their products. The client
also needed the expertise that SWQA provide in terms of the Web Development.

Development background and problem

Prior to SWQA involvement, the web development work which
was outsourced to a serviced based company, didn’t build a platform which was
flexible enough for them to perform the role which usually an editor does.

Secondly, there wasn’t any further support and documentation
provided to them upon development.

SWQA Solution

SWQA developed well-defined development processes for the
client, including proper business requirement documentation, following the
agile approach and working towards building the site which would meet up the
client requirement at the same time making it easy for the editor of site to
add/edit content based on the requirements and updates on their products.

Working with the client,
SWQA was able to diminish the overhead caused due to lack of editor feature on
the site. At the same time the existing site didn’t had the support for any
additional payment gateways. So in addition to it, SWQA even managed to build
the site with all the complex features which consisted of the Store locator and
even the BitPay(Bitcioin) payment gateway for capturing funds from users who
would consider paying via bitcoin.

Quality Benefits

  • The Site had all the features documented by the client and
    SWQA didn’t missed even a single feature request.
  • The entire site was build keeping into consideration the
    responsiveness and cross platform compatibility in mind.
  • Site Load time was also taken into consideration and it
    ranked immeasurably well in it.
  • Site had a feature of rolling back the entire site or even
    for single product/page.
  • Secured socket layer was used across the site and maintained
    the same for the payment gateways which were used.

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