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Performance Testing is the process by which a product/software is tested to determine the current intended performance for which the product is built and designed. The key objective is to establish the system’s ability to function in line with the specification and demonstrate acceptable response times while processing the required transaction volumes on a production sized database. Performance testing is also important to know the response time of the application with the different platforms and browsers being used for the accessibility of the application. Performance testing is testing that is performed, from one perspective, to determine how fast some aspect of a system performs under a particular workload. It also serves to validate and verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability and reliability. Performance testing can serve different purposes. It can demonstrate that the system meets performance criteria. It can compare two systems to find which performs better or it can measure what parts of the system or workload cause the system to perform badly.

We have worked on a project for a Swiss company that provides supplier relationship management where buyers and suppliers across the globe can register and conduct online buying and selling of their products. The company helps to build new commercial relationships, describe the type of work companies are looking for and specify their manufacturing process, geographic region, quantity, delivery, certifications and more.

Our Performance Testing expertise includes

  • Business processes and workflow testing for ERP implementations
  • Load and performance Testing of Web based application