We at SWQA provide robust development services using the latest technologies including Angular JS, WordPress, Java, Ionic and many more, keeping our customer requirements in mind. Building scalable applications using these technologies help our customers have a clean and intuitive experience.

AngularJS Development Services

We provide reliable AngularJS development services that manifest your imagination and ideas in to the product of your expectations.
Building comprehensive roadmaps helps in better understanding of the progress of the development, what is being developed, why its being developed and who is behind the scenes of the development.
Our focus is to develop fully functional web & mobile applications that are secure and easy to maintain. We provide reliable services to build well-structured AngularJS mobile and web apps for all types of business enterprises.


We develop WordPress sites and offer customization, multiple features, easy navigation and intuitive designs meeting clients requirement.
At SWQA, we develop WordPress sites and offer a high-level customization in the site and have awesome features, plugins which will meet your needs.
We do keep customer focus and requirements into consideration so that the main moto behind building the site is met and it reaches out to the end customer.
WordPress being a CMS, you will get customized dashboard for managing the pages or medias in the website.
We do provide Ecommerce development using the WooCommerce, which is one of most used ecommerce plugin and has seen a huge increase in the market.


Java being one of the most used technologies in the market, our focus remains on build a cutting edge and a world class application on it.
Having backed up with lot many frameworks for it, it tends to be one of the secured development technologies for building an application or for using it in Automation.
At SWQA we try to work towards building a better and scalable application using Java and use the technology and concepts in the Automation as well.
We have worked on Domain like healthcare, banking sector, CRM and analytics & we do provide scalable and reliable web applications build on the java which is robust and flexible enough for ongoing changes

Ionic - Mobile App

We at SWQA, build Ionic Apps which are robust and scalable. The apps are built in a single codebase and work on any platform with the web.
With tons of UI Components and designs to select from and ensuring the best user experience across all the platform.
It’s cost effective than building two separate codes for Android and iOS. With access to native features and plugins, the feature list is unlimited when it comes to integrating them in the App.
We help you build Ionic Applications which works across different platforms removing the overhead of having two different codebases for future aspect.