Quality Assurance

Best QA practices from resource and conflict management to strategic planning & market research along with expertise in product based and project based companies. The expertise and technical capabilities to offer our valuable customers an incrementally leveraged technology and resource flexibility to develop their application, increase their test coverage and optimize their time to market.


Quality Assurance with SWQA Solutions

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Our team is international at all our locations in mumbai, Our automation team is proficient with the approaches, methodology, and framework. We focus on analysis, monitoring, identifying bottlenecks and providing recommendations, thus serving an end-to-end performance solution for the complete application.
Our employees focus their energy on automating necessary tasks & functions in detail to increase their quality & effectiveness.
At SWQA, we offer the below services:

■ Web Application automation
■ Mobile Test Automation
■ Function test automation
■ Automated Regression

The frameworks we used for Automation are:

■ Data Driven Testing
■ Keyword-Driven Testing
■ Hybrid Testing



The key objective is to establish the system’s ability to function in line with the specification and demonstrate acceptable response times while processing the required transaction volumes on a production-sized database. It’s also important to analyze the response time of the application with different platforms or browsers being used.
It also serves to validate and verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability and reliability. It can compare two systems to find which performs better and it can even measure what parts of the system/workload cause the system to perform inefficiently.

Our Performance Testing expertise includes:

■ Business processes and workflow testing for ERP implementations
■ Load and Performance Testing of Web-based application



For building quality products, consecutive builds need to be verified and validated in various environments, simulating disparate user-conditions. Particularly during release time, quality assurance is always needed to be done for many consecutive builds in short intervals, as the bugs get fixed. Hence, there is an enormous demand on the QA team not only to rectify the bugs but also to essentially locate the root cause for such occurrences. Thus at SWQA, we offer a perfect infrastructure with a fully equipped data center, excellent network connectivity, and a well-defined testing methodology along with a dedicated team of resources.

Our Manual Testing expertise includes:

■ Manual
■ GUI Testing
■ Domain Specific Testing
■ Automated



When it comes to the latest apps, client prefers us for performing mobile automation or be it the actual testing. We write multiple test case for a given scenario and perform testing based on it. We even break down the steps to multiple levels and test it accordingly. Be it testing the core functionality or be it testing the entire flow, we are here to serve you better and make sure your App/website runs smoothly in the given environment and platforms. Our Mobile Automation testing is majorly performed using one of the best tool - Appium. We do perform Functional, Usability, Security, Load and many more test which are utmost important tests for it to be performed on the latest Mobile Apps.

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